F.I.R.E. Hands-On Family Camp!

Come to Michigan for our family vacation summer camp and enjoy a fun-filled week of hands-on projects, outdoor adventure, evening concerts, and great fellowship!

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The events for our 2008 FIRE Camp have been planned! Visit Homeschool Blessing's FIRE Camp page here. You can also join an announcement-only email list to get information as soon as it is available. Click here to sign up.

Here's some history from our 2nd year of camp!

FIRE 2005: Freedom-Inspired Real Education!

We invite you to join us in Otisville, Michigan, August 29th through September 2nd, 2005, for the 2nd Annual F.I.R.E. Hands-On Family Camp... the "unconventional" homeschool convention! Camp is held the same week each year -- the Monday through Friday just before Labor Day weekend. It is a camp for the entire family, and families come from all over the country to enjoy the events and activities which always include a big hands-on project and enjoyment of the campground's facilities -- a 15 acre lake with swimming, fishing, boating, blobbing, a high-ropes challenge course, basketball, volleyball, archery, hiking trails, and more. Covenant Hills is a beautiful, 200 acre camp, and for 5 whole days we have the camp all to ourselves! Read below to find out more... and then sign-up to secure your spot at camp!

Highlight Event: Knights, Chivalry, & Catapults!

Our "main event" project for the week will be catapult building! We will build small-scale models capable of launching marshmallows, ping-pong balls, and cottonballs... and then some quite large models capable of launching everything from baseballs to water balloons! We will have contests at the end of the week for distance and accuracy (and rumor has it there will be a big battle after dinner!) Thursday and Friday a real knight will be joining us... and we'll even serve a medieval-syle feast!

Each day a multitude of hands-on activities, crafts, and classes
are offered for all ages!

Hands-On Science and Skills

Natural Science CLEP Class with David and Laurie Callihan! There is still room for students ages 12 and up to participate in this outstanding class and prepare for the CLEP exam. Click HERE for details.

The Bennett family of Turtlebee and Honeytree Farms will offer beekeeping classes and a beehive building project!

Jan and Gary Bloom of Books Bloom, in addition to bringing their travelling bookstore with thousands of glorious gently-used living books, will get out the hammers and saws and build bookshelves with us! They will also offer their fantastic afternoon workshops on topics like building a home library and offer practical wisdom from their years of homeschooling their now-grown children.

Hands-On History and Arts

The Victorian Historian will be spending an afternoon with the girls teaching about fashion history and Victorian times... we might even have an afternoon tea!

Ed and Michele Hopkins (previously of Visual Manna) now bring us Art Jubilee! Ed and Michele offer art workshops across the country and they will join us with new classes including hands-on silversmithing.

We'll enjoy crafts like felting, basketmaking, and papermaking. We'll learn how to make mailled armor (chain maille), and then make boffer swords and learn how to sword fight!

With our knight we will learn the fine art of creating illuminated manuscripts, create our own coat-of-arms with heraldic colors, try on mailled armor, enjoy sword-fighting demonstrations, learn about chivalry, and much more!

We'll have some modern skills, too... like balloon twisting, knitting & crocheting, ventriloquism and sign language... even a contest for the best catapult built with LEGOs!

For children ages 2 to 10 we have wonderful morning music classes from TheMusicClass.com. In these fun and lively classes, children and parents will be able to learn songs and sample percussion instruments from all over the world!

Evening Speakers

We are delighted to have not one, but TWO keynote speakers for FIRE this year! David and Laurie Callihan, authors of The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School, have been featured writers on Crosswalk.com for several years. In addition to offering us their fantastic Natural Science CLEP class, they will be speaking to us on the following topics:

Monday Night: "A Christian Philosophy of Education""
Tuesday Night: "You Can Do This: Homeschooling Highschool & College"
Wednesday Night: "Parenting your Teenage Son" (For Moms only - Laurie)
Wednesday Night: "Issues of a Homeschool Dad" (For Dads only - David)

Special Thursday Night Guest Speaker

Our dear friend, Ken Pierpont from the Character Inn in Flint will be joining us again this year! We will have an awesome time of fellowship as he and his lovely family share with us in story and in song.

Evening Children's Programs

This year we welcome back once again the INCREDIBLE children's program from Joyful Kids Ministries! Remember "Soldiers of the Sea" in 2004? Well, James Bonjour and his crew are gearing up for another very special program. It's a secret right now... ssshhhh... but children ages 5 to 11 will enjoy the "show" while the moms and dads are enjoying the Callihans. After the children's program and speakers each evening, we all come back together in the auditorium for our music concert! The Bonjour family will also offer ventriloquism and sign-language classes.

Evening Music

Every evening we have incredible concerts performed by homeschooling family groups. Here are a few highlights:

Last year we were entertained by the awesome bluegrass and contemporary Christian sound of the Hiltner Brothers from Ohio... and they will be joining us this year for an encore performance!

The Coble Family is coming all the way from Texas with their wonderful Southern Gospel music!

Wednesday night will be "open mic" night for the teens to entertain us!

Thursday night we will enjoy the beautiful music of the Pierpont Family. They have been compared to the Von Trapp Family Singers!

Friday night is a dancing night! Join us at 7 pm for square dancing, reels, and contra dancing with a professional caller.

See you at camp!

Registration - Follow this link for registration information.

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