F.I.R.E. 2005 Hands-On Family Camp

Natural Science CLEP Class

Special Science Class

Last year the young adults in the biology class had a blast! We welcome back David and Laurie Callihan for a new class that blends biology, chemistry, and physics to prepare for the Natural Sciences CLEP exam. This 5-day class takes place from 9 am to 12 noon each day and the cost is $150.00 per student. It is recommended for ages 12 and up. Events and classes primarily for ages 10 and under will take place during the morning, so the science students won't miss out on anything. The science class will also reserve (4) catapults to build themselves in the afternoons, (2) for the boys and (2) for the girls. The remaining (20) catapults will be built by the rest of the children at camp.

Registration for "Natural Science" is limited to 50 students and must be pre-paid to Beloved Books. Last year the science class filled up very quickly and had a waiting list. (Refunds are available only if we have a waiting list. Registrations are fully transferable to another student if your child is unable to participate.) If you have questions about this class, please email or phone (810)735-0977.

SUPER-Natural Science!

SUPER-Natural Science with David and Laurie Callihan is a fast-paced, fun, hands-on science course that will excite your home-schooled student about the study of Godís creation. It will provide your student with a rounded science course worth a minimum of one semester of high school science (including labs) in one week! It will also set the stage for taking the Natural Science CLEP Exam worth 6-9 college credits (which requires additional study on the part of the student).

This class will contain a review of Biology (taught in last yearís session) and new material in Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. Study in Chemistry will include atomic structure, bonding, states of matter, acids and bases, and chemical reactions. We will perform chemistry labs utilizing the state-of-the art chemistry instruction techniques of microchemistry. Earth Science instruction will include study of the atmosphere, geologic layers, geologic processes, and astronomy. We will perform an astronomy lab activity as well. Physics topics include electricity, magnetism, waves, light, and sound, with labs included in each topic. In addition, study tips and preparation ideas for taking the CLEP Natural Science Exam will be provided.

The Callihanís are committed to studying science from a Biblical world-view and will analyze uniformitarian and evolutionary science concepts from a Biblical standpoint.

If youíre thinking, ďThere is no way they are going to do all this in one week. . .Ē then you havenít ever witnessed the Callihanís Super CLEP review classes! We will do it all and have fun too! Join us! (Space is limited, reserve your spot now.)

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