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We are preparing to adopt a new son from Ukraine. God miraculously brought him into our lives. Our family is his last chance to not be left behind with only a hopeless future. He is already 16.


Of all our children, I believe Alex would have been the most likely to not survive into adulthood that would slip through the cracks. Unable to advocate for himself, but not mentally delayed enough to be transferred to an adult institution (at least fed and clothed with shelter) or smart enough to be sent on to trade school or university, he has looked forward to only a life on the streets.

Alex has never known a family. The legacy he has grown up knowing is that his biological mother abandoned him in a box. But God watched over him and led his sister to find him and seek help. From that point he was brought up in the orphanages.

Although Alex was raised with this knowledge, you would never guess it from his resilient, fun-loving personality. He is truly a joy to be around and we have great hope for healing to take place in his life as he grows into young adulthood in our family.

Not all are called to take on a teen boy with the types of challenges Alex has, so we feel very privileged that God is entrusting him to us. Now we face the daunting task of beginning and completing the next mountain of documents it will take to bring us to the point of being able to travel to Ukraine for the 2 month process to adopt him.


Our costs may exceed $30,000. This is our best estimate of everything added together -- our home study update, U.S. immigration approvals, various fees in Ukraine, air travel and lodging. Over our previous journeys we have learned how to keep costs as low as possible, but once again we need the help of friends and strangers to make this miracle happen!

If you are able, could you please give any amount? And could you share Alex's story? Thank you for taking the time to read... and for caring.

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Mailing address: Heather Idoni, PO Box 878, Fenton, Michigan 48430.